Sefer Hayashar

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For hundreds of years, Jews, young and old, have spent many delightful hours reading and re-reading the stories in Sefer Hayashar. The Hebrew original is rich in biblical idiom—a style uniquely suited to the contents. This translation embodies a correct and idiomatic English, while maintaining its original flavor. The type is large and the illustrations are magnificent. It is a pleasure to read.
Sefer Hayashar needs no introduction. It has been quoted and referred to by Torah scholars through the ages. The introduction to the book describes the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the original manuscript during the destruction of the Second Beis Hamikdosh. Many, however, are of the opinion that the book was compiled from various sources somewhere between the ninth and twelfth centuries of the Common Era in Spain or southern Italy. It was first printed in Naples in 1553 and has been subsequently printed numerous times throughout Eastern Europe.
The stories related in the Sefer Hayashar have left their indelible mark on generations of Jewish readers, young and old. Ancient Tales makes available to the English reading public a true font of inspiration which will be read and enjoyed for many generation.


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