My great Kollel  Chevrutta

Chaim Wilson AKA  Steeles

a poem

A Ger’s Aware Stares
See the flicker flame duo dance,
Shabbos Lamp; Yom Tov mesmerance,
My eyes are stymied: Chosen to share life?
Apex companion she, gold circled wife,
Sighting elusive meaning, Torah wrestling,
Sage insights bring awe, humble reflective  nestling,

Hebrew tears for mankind demand scoping,
Pleading prayers are such, not be vain our


The Divine is listening with eyes, fully attending,
Long vigils are not only ours, He’s waits,


Sideways peripheral glances are all we are


Due to Ego illusions, winds make upright


This Ger beholds that even tho’ all seems


I’m grateful to be alive, married, and converted!

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