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The liturgy and its performance within the synagogue services has always been a major aspect of our cultural identity. On The Derekh is in the process of producing a user-friendly siddur to service any Moroccan Jewish communities abroad.

Siddur Editions
The ‘Standard’ Siddur
This edition will be the most comprehensive Moroccan siddur on the market, inclusive of the various traditions throughout Morocco. It is complete with scriptural sources, identified geographically-varied customs, prayer laws, customs, as well as language and pronunciation guides. This edition will be available in English and French, and its primary function will be for use by the Shaliach Tzibbur.

The ‘All-in-One’ Siddur
This edition is the centerpiece of the siddur project. It adds two major features to the Standard edition:

1) A unique and robust translation to provide context and a literal understanding of the liturgy,

2) A running commentary, which imparts deeper insights to our prayers and customs. This edition will be made available in English and French. It is designed for students and  synagogue congregants of all ages and levels.

The ‘Siddur Companion’
The entire corpus of prayers commonly found in siddurim and performed communally can be broken into two categories: 1) The daily prayer services (weekday, Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh/Chol HaMo’ed), which follow a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, 2) The special prayers, songs, and communal services that are performed outside of the daily services (i.e., Berit Milah, Zemirot, Tikkun Chatzot). It is untenable to include all such prayers in a translated siddur without forcing the page count to an undesirably large number, limiting its portability and making it difficult to handle while praying. With this consideration in mind, many of the special prayers and songs will find their own home in this publication; the Siddur Companion. As an accompaniment to the daily siddur, this publication will feature Sefer Tehillim and include many of the important tefillot, berakhot, and zemirot/piyyutim that are not directly connected to the daily prayer services. Feel free to contact us for a detailed list of the contents.

We are proud to announce that this siddur project has received an endorsement by the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi ShlomoAmar shlit’a.

Tefillat Shemuel – Benmergui Edition

$39.99 – $48.99

The world’s first bilingual English/Hebrew Sephardic Moroccan Siddur is now available for purchase!

This siddur is for weekday and Shabbat prayers. It features a new English translation, running commentary, instructions, and prayer laws. The nusach is inclusive of both French and Spanish Moroccan customs.

If you would like to dedicate the siddur we can custom create an artistic label on the inside cover. Select “Dedicated Copy” and message us afterward so we can work on your customized dedication label.
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